Thursday, June 30, 2016 (“Tyrant” by Judas Priest)

Well, it’s been nearly a whole month since I’ve last written anything on here. We’re finally here in Rochester. We moved in on Sunday. It cost a pretty penny to get here but we got here. Now, I’m completely broke. I have a credit card, no bank account and no cash. That scares me. I’ve sent in an application to a temp agency and I’ve been vetted (I think). The landlord’s step-son has a lead for me but he’s going to be out of town until sometime this weekend.

In the meantime, I’ve been setting up everything. I’ve pretty much done most of the work around here. I’ve rebuilt the furniture we had to take apart. I put together the furniture we bought from IKEA before leaving. So much of the rest really can’t be put away until we decide where it goes. I made some executive decisions but some I really didn’t care to make. I really haven’t gotten out and looked around too much. I don’t like living in a place with boxes lying around. I’d say 75% of the unpacking is done and it’s really just a lot of final touches that need to be made.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get out and look around at the city. The fact that I have absolutely no money (well, $1 in my wallet) is terrifying. I really don’t know how long it will take until I get a paycheck. I’ve had horrendous luck with temp jobs falling through in the last 3 months. I’ll write more often, I promise.


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