Monday, May 9, 2016 (“Diamonds and Rust” by Judas Priest)

Well, I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve last written anything on here. So, this will probably more of an informational post rather than one mostly on the shit rattling around in my head.

Michelle and the place up in Rochester agreed on everything. So, it looks like we will heading up there some time in June. We don’t know exactly when. She’s got to go out to Kansas for her acupuncture class right after Memorial Day. I guess that it would be some time after that. It all depends on how long her current job wants her to work while they look for another doctor.

I’m a bit nervous about the move. I’ve never even been to Rochester. Soon, I’ll be calling it home. That’s very weird. I’m tagging along and I don’t have much to go on there. But in some strange way, I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know much about the place. There’s only so much you can read about it on the internet. You’ve got to be there in person. I think I’m looking forward to it for reasons other than the city itself. Sure, I’ll be glad to live in a region that’s much smaller than this one here. I think large regions have more negatives to them than positives. It all depends on what you want. The negatives of larger cities are traffic, pushy government regulations, higher prices on everything and higher crime. The positives are more variety in restaurants and cultural events or places. I’ll be honest, I won’t miss terribly the restaurants since we hardly ever go out. Cultural events? The odd concert and baseball game isn’t good enough to keep me. I often look at these sorts of decisions in a Cost-Benefit analysis. Leaving looks good. I don’t have a job right now so there’s nothing really chaining me here other than baseball and nostalgia. Nostalgia is strong but I could always come back if this place isn’t what I imagine it to be.

In another sense, I’m looking forward to it because it’s a fresh start. It’s an escape from a rut. The job market around here seems too tight for me to find anything. Maybe that’s not true and I’ve been too picky about what job I take. That doesn’t matter since we’re committing to this. I’m out of the job market here and in it up there. I know when moving there is often a honeymoon period. Everything will new and interesting. That will wear off eventually and let’s just hope my feelings toward the place are still positive.

I’m really going to launch myself into this place. I don’t think I’ve been fair to myself or to Michelle in the way I’ve been carrying myself. I don’t really have any friends here and I put all my social needs on her. We’re not into all the same things. So, when I feel the need to talk about some subject, it’s clear she has no interest in them. Often, she’ll humor me but I’m sure she just doesn’t care. I think it works in the other way. I don’t really like listening too much to veterinarian stuff because it’s sad or too technical or just plain boring to me. I humor her in most stuff but I think that’s just being a decent boyfriend and friend to allow her to vent or get her thoughts out of her head and into someone else’s. Maybe we’ve been leaning on each other too much. When we move up there, I’m going to go out and meet some people. It’ll help me socially and job-wise. I think it’ll also strengthen our relationship if we’re out of each other’s hair so much. We’ll see.

Rather than just talking about this stuff vaguely, I’ve decided to make a plan. Granted that I don’t really know the place and so I can’t make definitive plans about something I know nothing about, I’m reading about the place and finding out what’s available up there. There is a decent sized Rochester-themed site for many different interests. I’m sure there are a couple of these that I will find interesting. I also really want to get back into music. I’m putting down in the criteria for a new apartment/house we’ll rent that I can play my guitar. That means space and distance from neighbors so as not to annoy them. The type of music I want to play (as posted below) doesn’t really work very well on acoustic guitars and quiet levels of amplifiers. I mean that in many senses. You cannot practice what you cannot hear. When you play metal-ish music, so much of it is what the amplifiers and speakers do to transform the sound. Being quiet won’t help you hear and practice the sound you are trying to create. Plus, it’s really fun to be loud as fuck.

I’m also optimistic about my job prospects. I think that I’ll be more of a big fish in a little pond and that will increase my job prospects. I’m sort of at the point where I just want a job I can excel at, make decent money and not be completely bored out of my mind. Perhaps with higher qualifications, I’ll be able to do that. I don’t know.

We’ll see when this whole thing actually happens. Michelle has to cross the border to come back to get her visa. That means she has to plan that and it has to be around her work schedule and her school schedule. I can’t do it for her, so it’ll take up a lot of free time that she just doesn’t have very much of. We estimate that we’ll be up there in mid- to late-June. I’m looking forward to it.


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