Saturday, April 9, 2016 (“The Prisoner” by Iron Maiden)

It’s time for a bit of news since last I wrote. Michelle has been in Kansas since Tuesday. She is taking an acupuncture class there. Some of it sounds fairly silly. There’s probably some pretty good science in it but they way they present it sounds like total bullshit. She’s called a couple of times and it sounds like she’s buying into it. My fear about this stuff is that these alternative medicines aren’t tested properly. Like I say, there probably is something to it but the presentation is really scary. Qi and medians and that. Complete nonsense. But I think there’s some money in it and it seems to help.

She heard back from the people in Rochester. They’ve offered her the job. I think she’s a little put back by the fact that they gave her a bit less than they were indicating. Still, I think, while there are a couple of points to be hammered out, the contract seems fair and definitely in the ballpark of what she was looking for. So, the possibility of us moving up there sometime soon has gone up greatly.

In other news, I’ll be going out to Colorado. Michelle and I had planned to go to Montreal last week. I wanted to go to the Iron Maiden concert but the interview up in Rochester came up. So, we had to cancel that trip. I started looking around at other concerts. It turned out that it would be just as cheap for me to fly out to Colorado, stay 2 nights, get a ticket, go to a baseball game and hang out there as it would be just to take the train up to New York and go to the concert there and come back the same night. That’s crazy. But I’m excited. I’ve only been to the Denver airport. I’ll get to see a bit of Denver. I was getting a little nervous about the ticket not showing up in time here because it was an actual, physical ticket and it was going to be mailed. It hadn’t shown up yet. But yesterday I got a call from the ticket company saying that it would be left at the Will Call window. What a relief that was. So, I think the only thing I have to worry about is getting a ticket to a baseball game.

Tomorrow, I’m going down to Baltimore to see a baseball game with my Dad. It’s only the first week of the season and the Phillies have already looked dreadful. This year is going to be tough to watch or listen to. Seasons like the up-coming one really test your mettle as a fan.

Things are moving along. Moving is on the horizon. I feel a bit better about things in general but still a little anxious. I think the picture will become clearer and that will make me feel a bit relieved whenever things start going my way.


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