Monday, March 14, 2016 (“Cowboy Song” by Thin Lizzy)

Last week, I went to two interviews. Both of them were nothing that I wanted. One was a life insurance sales job. Something was really suspicious about that one. I didn’t really bother to find out why. I’m not really a sales man and my senses told me to run the other way. The other one was a solar panel sales job. It didn’t seem terribly fishy but it was a door-to-door sales job. That is absolutely not my thing. Still, with all that said, it was nice and encouraging to know that I could actually get in front of a job opportunity. I think that that has lifted my spirits up a bit.

There’s another job fair in Philadelphia on Thursday. I believe from the website for it that there will be some finance and economics jobs there. I am much, much more hopeful about that. We’ll see about that when it happens.

Tomorrow, I’m going down to Virginia to get my car inspected. It’s still registered down there. I guess that it’ll get my mom off my back for a while about visiting. It’s only going to be an overnight visit but still, it’ll be enough to sate her for a while.

In general, I’m still anxious about the job search. The money I’ve got is dwindling. But the last week and a half has lifted my spirits a bit about my prospects. Even though these were sales jobs that I have no interest in, I’m pleased how responsive these people were about getting back to me. I only hope that I will get the same response from people I actually want to hear back from.


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