Saturday, March 5, 2016 (“It’s About That Time” by Miles Davis)

Thursday night I went to a Job Fair. I was looking for some on the internet and I saw one that was on that night. So, I had to run and get a new white shirt because my other one was stained. I had to get a haircut because my hair was looking pretty rough. I went there and got there just in time, 5 o’clock. But the thing didn’t get started until 20 minutes late. So, I just sat around just waiting in a room full of other people who were just waiting. The people running the booths spoke and most of the jobs were insurance and sales jobs. I talked to some of them and I wasn’t really impressed with what they had to say. I slipped them my résumé and talked to them for a few minutes. I was actually fairly impressed with how quickly a couple of them got back to me. I’ve got an interview on Thursday at 10 AM. I’m not too keen on it: a Solar Panel sales gig.

I’m not really a salesman. I know that trying to get a job is like being in sales, selling yourself. But I just want to do the one sale and then have my everyday job not be in sales. I don’t like putting people in unnecessarily uncomfortable positions. I don’t like people harassing me to try to get money out of me. It’s annoying and rude. I don’t want to be the one instigating that. I find that a lot of people have shades of dishonesty when they’re trying to sell me something. If I’m in the market for something, I do the research and solicit someone to do a sale. I like the soft sell and get agitated when someone lays it on thick. I don’t like making people agitated if I can help it. The job I interviewed for almost two months ago would be the ideal job for me. Something where I can analyze the incoming and outgoing money and try to see if they can be maximized or minimized or something along those lines.

I’ve come to the conclusion that work is not really for me. I know I’ll have to work. I’m not so stupid to think that I won’t have to work. But I don’t like it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying that. I want to find a job in something I’m good at and don’t mind doing. I’ll work at that job as long as I can or as long as I have to. I’m not willing to commute long distances. I don’t want to work some place where I can’t have a chance to progress. I want to make my money, invest it in a house and various other “investment vehicles” and get out of the “working world”. I wouldn’t mind some side gigs to tie me over on some cash but at the point where I’d be financially independent, I will only take jobs/gigs doing something where everything seems to be right. I think it’s possible and I want to do it. But I don’t know how unrealistic I am in my expectations in being able to find a job where I feel comfortable and don’t hate my life. I want to see the job market for what it is. I don’t want to fool myself into believing that things are the way I want them to be when things just aren’t that way.

Anyway, I’ll go to the interview on Thursday with an open mind but I’m not sure if this is the right thing for me.


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