Saturday, February 27, 2016 (“Powerslave” by Iron Maiden)

I’m starting to get cabin fever. I’m cooped up in the house. I could go out but it’s fucking freezing and I’m not to keen to spend money on silly things. I think this has to do with the fact that winter is just hanging around and I don’t have a job yet. That job I’ve been waiting to hear from still hasn’t got back to me yet. That was back in mid-January. It’s been three weeks since I’ve heard anything from them. They said that it would take a while to get back to me (“a few weeks”) but they’d let me know either way. That was three weeks ago that I’d heard from them. I guess I should just try to get it out of my mind and if it all happens, then it happens.

Anyway, I went down to Virginia to see my parents and go to the doctor. Almost everything is fine except that my cholesterol is through the roof. The doctor told me that I have to cut out alcohol completely and gave me some pills, Lipitor. It’s a bit weird to have the doctor instruct me to do anything. Every time before when I had been to the doctor, it was either that everything was fine or that I had to lose a little bit of weight. Now I haven’t had any drink since last Sunday and it’s a bit weird. I have never considered myself an alcohol and still don’t. Alcohol was big part of my life. I had it almost everyday. Most days I didn’t have more than 2 or 3 drinks but it was something that was a fairly regular part of my life. I guess for the time being, it won’t be. I don’t think this is permanent. I think the doctor wants to see if alcohol is the cause of the high cholesterol or if it’s something else. I don’t know what it all means exactly but it’s gonna be a change.

I think sitting around and thinking about it causes me to have strange thoughts. Having a drink or two at the end of the day was something I really looked forward to. I wasn’t that I needed them. I wasn’t drinking during the day. I wasn’t drinking in spite of the consequences. It was just some treat that I allowed myself. It is a way of relaxing and getting a different perspective on things. It loosens you up and allows you to transition from the serious world into something more fun and relaxing. I guess I’ve got to find something else to look forward to…


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