Thursday, January 28, 2016 (“Winter” by Vivaldi)

No news on any front today. The company where I interviewed on January 13th said that I would hear back from them in “two weeks or so”. It’s been two weeks and two days. I guess that this is the “or so” part of that. Michelle sent a message to the place down in Virginia Beach about her concerns about the job – salary, benefits, conditions, etc. That was on Sunday evening that she sent that and we’re waiting to hear back from them.

Michelle and I went together to her therapist. We chatted about what we thought the other was thinking and so on. I said that my life was changing from the point where I didn’t want my whole life to be just about myself and I thought that having children would help me in that. Apparently, Michelle and I have a difference in values – where she’s still more focused on herself because of career goings-on and debt still to be paid off. Part of the rest was more about Michelle’s family driving her nuts whenever they’re around, etc. I try to reassure her that if we were to have a family, nothing obligates of to make our new family like the other ones. We’re not our parents and it won’t be the same with us and it is with them. Most of the time, Michelle has to cogitate on these things and have her thoughts come to her freely and can’t just elicit thoughts from herself within. That means I have to play the waiting game. The main problem that I have with that is that I’m not sure if she’s waiting for a thought to come to her or if she is just postponing it for some other reason. I can never be too sure about that with her.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to write more frequently (never does seem to work though) because perhaps one day I’ll like to look back on these strange times where my life could go in so many different directions and maybe trace where things in my life went from being one way to being another way. Changes will come soon but when? How?


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