Wednesday, January 20, 2016 (“Shore Leave” by Tom Waits)

I went the therapist yesterday. There weren’t any major revelations at all. In fact, it was exactly as I imagined that it would be. I’m always a bit funny about therapists. I know that they help people out. But often I find that those people who are helped out by therapy aren’t as introspective and knowledgeable about themselves and need someone to elicit those thoughts so that they are out in the open and can be dealt with there more easily.

We talked about my parents, my mom’s whole aneurysm business, some of my past relationships, Michelle’s job situation, my job situation, what I want out of life, Michelle’s money situation.

Anyway, I suppose this was all just for her background in helping Michelle deal with her shit. But I must say that I came out of there feeling a lot better about myself. I’m understanding of Michelle’s problems but I’m also concerned about my own issues and desires. I try to be confident in most everything I do but that isn’t always possible. I’m also more positive about my chances of landing a job that doesn’t drive me crazy and also pays decently.

At this point it’s pretty much up to the therapist to synthesize what I’ve told her and what Michelle’s been telling her and come to us with what she thinks.


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