Friday, January 15, 2016 (“Time And A Word” by Yes)

I’ll write a little bit about my interview on Wednesday. I went in there a bit early, not knowing exactly what the commute was like. It was a good thing that I did. The traffic was backed up on the road to the highway for 25 minutes. That road usually takes 5 minutes. I’m glad that I padded it by about 45 minutes. I guess that’s a strong suit that I have. I over-prepare for such things just so I can make sure that I am on time. I was still about 15 minutes early. Oh well.

The interview lasted about 3 hours. I spoke with about four different people. Most of the time I was regurgitating shit that just sounded like something they wanted to hear. I figure that I can talk about just about anything to anyone. I thought that I came out of there giving them a pretty good impression of myself. They said that they’d want about two weeks to come up with a decision.

In other news, Michelle is sending me to her therapist to talk about the kids situation. I don’t know what this lady wants to talk about in particular. I’ve always looked at therapy with a half-cocked eye. They’re usually only good for short-term situations or if someone is absolutely mental. I guess we won’t be talking about anything that I haven’t already told Michelle. More on this later.


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