Tuesday, January 5, 2016 (“Sitting” by Cat Stevens)

I’ve been not working officially for two days (today and yesterday). It’s pretty nice. As it is, I’m not doing too much. I’ve been reading and watching the hockey tournament. The tournament is over now, USA won bronze. But now I’m pretty much a man with a clear schedule. The plan is that I wait for Michelle to come back from her interview in Virginia Beach on Monday. It’s a trial-run on how she would work with the two vets in the practice down there. She’s a bit hesitant about taking the job – assuming that they offer it to her. If she gets the job and accepts it and if I go with her, I’d just wait until we’re down there to look for jobs. If, for whatever reason, the job in Virginia Beach doesn’t work out, I’ll start looking for work around here.

I’m very hesitant about leaving this area. There are many reasons for that. I scratched and clawed my way back to the place that I never wanted to leave in the first place. Fine, I never imagined that I would ever live in New Jersey, but it’s close to Philadelphia, a place very close to my heart. I don’t have a job right now but that was sort of by design. I don’t really have any connection to Virginia Beach. I’ve been there once and I wasn’t too impressed with the place. All things being equal, I would much rather stay here than go down there. I’m also hesitant about leaving because I’d just be tagging along. The thing is we’ve been having some problems lately and I don’t want to go down there only to be stranded there and come back up here with my tail between my legs. I’m very frustrated with our current situation. She’s been dragging her feet about giving me an answer to my question of whether or not she wants kids. I know it’s not an easy question to answer if one is filled with doubt but I’ve been waiting for quite some time now and I’m getting extremely impatient. I don’t want to go down there without any answers.



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