Saturday, January 2, 2016 (“Take This Job and Shove It” by Johnny Paycheck)

Right. I’ve finally done it!! I quit my job. I did it!

I saved up enough money to the point where I was comfortable quitting my job to look for another one. It was killing me. I suppose that it wasn’t just one thing in particular. The commute was horrible. The fact that I had no time outside of work to do a proper search or do anything other than going to the gym was awful. I was irritable and cranky. My life was going nowhere. So, I did it. It still hasn’t sunken in yet but I’m sure on Monday morning – when I would be at work – it’ll kick in.

Anyway, the holidays have come and gone. Michelle’s mother was down here for Christmas. The weather was insane. For two or three days it was around 70 degrees. That’s fine in June but this is Christmas. It should be cold. Anyway, it didn’t feel like Christmas at all. And now it’s back down to the 30s.

All of this is pretty much glossing over the last month. I really had no time, energy or desire to write anything. Perhaps these pages will contain a lot less bitching about my life. Perhaps not.


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